Construction News: Cars Sharing Lower Main Street 5/14/19

Contractors working on Canalside and Cars Sharing Lower Main Street projects are hard at work, and are taking turns accessing their many projects near Scott Street.

Upcoming Cars Sharing Main Street work includes:

  • Work continues on the foundations for two new catenary poles near Scott Street.
  • Unfortunately, overnight work is needed this Friday night/ Saturday morning – May 10 – 11th, and next Friday night/ Saturday morning – May17th – 18.  Pole foundations are too close to moving Metro Rail trains for work to proceed unless during the overnight shutdown.
  • This weekend contractors will demolish the remaining trackbed pavement surrounding new catenary poles, and they will replace an internal metal pipe in the top of the foundations.  (See above left photo, below rectangular metal plate at the bottom west (left) edge of the trackbed.
  • Next weekend work will include setting 48” anchor bolts in place, installing conduit for future electrical connections and pouring concrete to finish the pole foundations.
  • The west side of Main Street remains fully open for pedestrians.  Metro Rail is open on the west side of Main for both inbound and outbound service.
  • Mixed commercial/residential construction by Sinatra & Company on the NW corner of Main and Marine Drive is expected to start in late summer.