THIS WEEKEND! Metro Rail Trackbed Repair and Main Street Closures

THIS WEEKEND! Metro Rail is making way for trackbed repair. Look for shuttle buses near downtown Metro Rail Stations.  Please Be Aware of Street Closures: The west side of Main Street between Tupper and Huron Streets will be closed to automobile traffic and parking from 6 PM Friday, May 24th to 2AM Tuesday, May 28th.  The east side of Main will remain open to both parking and through traffic.

Metro Rail will run regular service underground but will shut down between Fountain Plaza and Canalside from Friday at 6p to end of service on Monday night.  NFTA will run shuttle buses on the east side of Main Street, stopping at Metro Rail stations.  NFTA’s Rider Alert may be found at  Metro Rail will single track on the west side of Main Street between the tunnel and Fountain Plaza, preventing automobile traffic in the same lane.

NFTA is pouring a new section of concrete on Friday night to repair the trackbed under Seneca One Tower.  The new concrete must cure for three days without vibrations from passing trains.