A Note From The Chocolate Bar

A note from our friends at the Chocolate Bar:

👋 We are now delivering chocolate goodness RIGHT TO YOUR HOME!!! Tag/comment the person in your life who REALLY NEEDS THIS RIGHT NOW!

…because it just doesn’t taste the same when you try to make a chocolate martini at home without a little help from your friends at The Chocolate Bar!

If you haven’t heard, we are now offering our ENTIRE martini menu and also our ENTIRE dessert menu for takeout (call us: 716-332-0484) and it’s also available on Grubhub and Door Dash!

A martini order includes our incredible pre-made Chocolate Bar martinis, along with a martini glass and a martini shaker!

Finally we can bring some Chocolate Bar magic to as many WNY homes as possible! 🍫🍸