NFTA-Metro COVID-19 FAQ & Updates

Metro is taking the following steps to stop the spread of COVID 19 on their public transit system:

  • Suspended fare collection so that bus operators, ticket inspectors and passengers can maintain social distancing. Passengers should board and exit through the rear doors of the bus, if possible. Passengers do not need to stop at the fare box or interact with the bus driver.
  • Continuing with an intensive cleaning program. Buses, rail cars, rail stations and other locations are deep-cleaned overnight using hospital grade sanitizing agents. Staff is focusing on high touch areas such as railings, hand holds, doors, and similar surfaces. In addition, staff will sanitize buses several times throughout the day, not just when the buses return to the stations. Bus operators have access to disposable gloves and sanitizing wipes to do additional cleaning. Metro continues to meet or exceed the New York State Department of Health’s “Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfection of Public Transportation Setting for COVID 19.”
  • Using clear plastic barriers to separate bus operators and passengers, on buses that have that feature.
  • Running full service so that there is room on our buses and trains to maintain social distancing.

If you have an April Monthly pass, please hold on to it. The pass will be valid in the future.

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