Message from Governor Andrew Cuomo

Message from Governor Cuomo:

Hello from Governor Cuomo:

Dear New Yorkers,

Starting today, we will begin using Nextdoor’s government interface to communicate with you and your neighbors to reach you with critical information during this public health crisis. As a member of Nextdoor that lives in New York, you will automatically receive our messages.

If you no longer wish to receive our updates, you can manage your preferences here –

Please keep in mind that your Nextdoor neighborhood network remains private to only you and your neighbors who are verified residents of your Nextdoor neighborhood network. We are NOT able to see what you and your neighbors are discussing, though we will receive your replies to our posts when discussions are enabled. Note: We do not actively monitor Nextdoor, and you should NOT use Nextdoor to request police or emergency services. If you require police or emergency services, call 911.

Stay safe, stay informed and stay home.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

For more information, and to download the Nextdoor application, click here.