Helium Comedy Club FREE LIVE Drinking Game: Hard, Lonely, and Vicious

Join Helium Comedy Club on Saturday, May 30th for a free live drinking game called Hard, Lonely, and Vicious:

Miss drinking with your buds on a Saturday night? Come laugh and sip on your favorite quarantine cocktail while host Peggy O’Leary (JFL Montreal, The Q on FOX) invites her comedian friends from all over who are bored at home to play drinking games with her! We aren’t playing frat house games though, we’re playing alcohol fueled 13 year old sleepover games. By the end of the night it’ll feel like a fun house party. Come drink, laugh and learn way too much about some of the best Stand Up Comics around!

Show will start at 10:15pm and will be hosted through a Zoom Webinar. All instructions on how to access Zoom, the webinar will be emailed to ticket holders prior to showtime. Click here, to get your tickets.