City of Buffalo Scrap It! Residential Food Scraps Recycling Program

Mayor Byron W. Brown announced that the City of Buffalo has launched its annual Scrap It! Residential Food Scraps Recycling Program. The food scrap drop off program will run through September 30th. The Scrap It team and official tote will on site at the Downtown Country Market, weekly on Thursdays, on Main Street between Court & Church Streets from 10am through 12noon! Food scraps are a large portion of our waste stream and the ability to process food scraps locally can lead to opportunities to increase recycling rates and allow the City to become cleaner and healthier. The creation of compost, a natural healthy fertilizer, can be useful for our community parks, gardens, and trees, instead of being sent to landfill.

Acceptable material:
Vegetable & fruit scraps, coffee grounds (filter ok), tea bags, nut & egg shells

Unaccepted material:
Meat, chicken, fish, greasy & oily food, dairy, animal waste, litter or bedding, coal or charcoal, yard debris, houseplants, or biodegradable /compostable plastics (other than compostable bags).

Residents can collect and place food scraps within reusable plastic containers such as large yogurt bins, Tupperware containers, commercially available compost pails, milk cartons, or in paper or plastic bags. For odor reduction, store items within freezer or refrigerator, and add a layer of shredded newspaper to the bottom of the container. All food scraps collected will be transported by the Natural Upcycling to the Buffalo River Compost.

All items will be disposed or recycled in a responsible and environmentally safe manner. For more information, please call 716-851-5014 or visit