Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps Part-Time Monthly Parker Program

BCAR is pleased to announce a new Part-Time Monthly Parker Program for current BCAR monthly parkers, designed to assist customers and business who have employees working schedules divided between their work site and at home. This Program will become effective August 1, 2020, and end on December 31, 2020.

Before that end date, BCAR will reassess whether there is sufficient demand, interest and capacity to extend Program availability. Reserved and Nested parkers are not eligible. Here’s How It Works: A current BCAR customer, working a portion of their schedule at home, must fill-out Program Application Form for the ramp where they currently park, pay about 60% of their current monthly rate and receive ten full days of parking per month. Their AVI Tag that operate the ramp gates would be available for continued use, but programmed to operate only ten days per month. After the tenth use in any given month, the AVI would not operate the gates, and that customer would have to vend a ramp ticket to enter the ramp, and pay the $9.00 per day rate. The ten uses would not include multiple in in and out uses per day, but just one entrance/ exit per day.

For Example: A current BCAR monthly customer would pay a flat $58 per month for ten (10) all day parking privileges per month. The average daily rate would be $5.80 per day as opposed to the $9.00 per day regular daily rate, a discount of $3.20 / 36% per day. The $58 monthly rate is a flat, across-the-board rate at any BCAR managed ramp, compared to the average monthly rate of $96.60, a discount of $38.60 per month or about 40%. To participate in Program the current BCAR monthly customer can only park in their current ramp.

How To Apply: Current BCAR monthly customers must fill-out and submit a completed Part-Time Monthly Parker Application Form by the 26th day of the month before the 1 st day of the succeeding month they would use the Program. The Form can be obtained from the BCAR website at www.bcarparking.com or at the BCAR offices at 255 Pearl Street, Monday through Friday, 9a- 5p. Enrollees who have enrolled and are participating in the Program, but want to terminate that participation, must notify BCAR by the 26th day of of the month preceding the month they wish to terminate their participation. Payments under this Program are by recurring credit card or direct debit only. Renewals will be charged to the customers’ account on the 1 st business day of each month.

For more information, visit https://bcarparking.com/.