Alleyway Theatre Is Back

A note from our friends at Alleyway Theatre:

Theatre is back!

Starts online September 11. Direct to your living room.

CURRENTS: 716 is a series of fourteen world premiere monologues, dances, poems and more… all about Buffalo, right here, right now … created by our city’s best artists.

This is a fully produced play created with Full Circle Studios. We’ve been filming on location all around Buffalo this month, and the performances will stream online only 11 times in September.

How to watch:

  1. Chose a specific date and time
  2. Buy a ticket for that time (just like the old days when TV shows were only on at a certain time)
  3. On the day of the show, we’ll send you an email with a special link to click.
  4. At showtime, click the link and watch on your computer (or connect your computer to the TV and watch on the big screen).

Click here, for more information!