43 North: How to Start a Startup

43 North is focusing on supporting their portfolio companies and the larger Buffalo entrepreneurial community, and has announced the launch of ‘How to Start a Startup’ series!

If you’re ready to take the entrepreneurial leap, you won’t want to miss this free programming to help bring your big idea to life.

How to Start a Startup was originally a lecture given by Sam Altman (founder of YCombinator) to a Stanford entrepreneurship class. 43 North is bringing this framework to aspiring founders so you can build a scalable, high-growth business from the ground up.

The first discussion, How to Start a Startup: for Non-Technical Founders, will give you the insight you need to launch a startup without having a technical background. The virtual event will be held on Wednesday, August 26th at 4p  and will feature local female founders Khadesha Okwudili of Agape and Liz Tsai of HiOperator, along with Lena Levine of Forcoda serving as emcee. Both Khadesha and Liz started their companies without having a coding background, so they’re sure to provide valuable insight to help other entrepreneurs do the same!

Reserve your spot for this free virtual discussion here! And stay tuned for details about future How to Start a Startup events.