Public Espresso Murder Donuts

A special message from our friends at Public Espresso:

“As a result of COVID-19 we’ve been forced to consider new revenue streams. A couple months ago we launched burgers and fries at our Seneca Street cafe. Following months of research, we’re excited to introduce the next in our line of new services: MURDER DONUT DELIVERY SERVICE.

Send a horrifying – yet edible – arrangement of confections to someone you love, someone you hate or (and this is our favorite) to someone you’re indifferent to but with no context.

Drop a box off at your parent’s house without notice. For an additional fee, we’ll call their house a couple times and hang up when they answer. You know they still got that landline.

This October, be your own Netflix true crime series and give the gift that says, “Watch your back”.”

Check their Facebook page for updates on this special offer!