Holiday Deadline for Oxford Pennant

A message from our friends at Oxford Pennant:

“December 4th: Our deadline for ground shipping on all framed retail purchases.

December 13th: Our deadline for ground shipping on all of our current retail products, excluding framed (free when you spend $50) 

If you want to make a custom piece, you just missed the deadline for delivery before the holiday. Now what? 

Don’t worry, we have an idea! Email us your best idea by December 7. We’ll design it and throw it on a beautifully-designed PDF that says, “I bought you this thing! It’ll be here soon!” It’s our little way of helping you say, “I love you, just not enough to order your present on time.” 

Still struggling to come up with the perfect gift? Check out our 2020 gift guide and settle on something that’ll get you out of your bind. 

And while you’re at it, keep an eye on our holiday shipping deadlines. Rush shipping is available after next week, but do you really want to press your luck this year? 2020 isn’t going your way.”