CEPA Gallery: Raw Water Exhibit bay Brandon Giessmann

A message from our friends at CEPA Gallery:

Featured artist on exhibit & last years Member’s Exhibition Award winner @brandongiessmann Come visit this meditative show, take your time and reflect amongst the tranquil chroma that envelops the gallery. Take a moment to read a segment of @brandongiessmann ‘s statement: “There is something precious and horrifying about the way mourning unites people. Inheriting a legacy laden with grief lacks the same clarity. Expressions of remembrance become voyeuristic, feel shallow or inauthentic, and fetishize an unfamiliar pain and ignorance. History seems romantic, full of tragedies that prompted loves and losses with intensities unfathomable to me. Like deep water, the ’80s and ’90s are alluring and unfamiliar. I grew up surrounded by prairies, mountains, and now PrEP. Open water envelopes like the past does, prompting a saturation that seems inescapable.” Make an appointment to see the exhibition at cepagallery.org”

On Display until Feb 20th, 2021