The Space Between

The Space Between is now open at 431 Ellicott Street! 

The Space Between exists between neighborhoods, disciplines and genres. It doesn’t belong to the East Side or the West Side. It’s right in the middle. It isn’t for the classically trained or the scrappy self-taught. It’s for both. The Space Between is where all the arts can come together.

The goal of The Space Between is to bring all of Buffalo’s artists together to share ideas and inspire each other. For complete details, visit

Currently on view at The Space Between: Victoria-Idongesit Udondian Present Àdápé
Open through March 28, 2021
Hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 12pm-4pm
Closing event: Saturday, March 27, 6-8pm
Part of UB College of Arts and Sciences Black History Month
In association with the UB Center for Diversity Innovation Distinguished Visiting Scholar Program

Victoria-Idongesit Udondian–interdisciplinary artist and 2020-21 UB Center for Diversity Innovation Distinguished Visiting Scholar at University at Buffalo in the Department of Art–will turn the Arts Collaboratory’s The Space Between into an art media lab/studio where immigrants, first-generation Americans are invited to collaborate in the process of creating while sharing their own stories. Àdápé is a part of an ongoing project, The Republic of Unknown Territory, a multimedia installation/performance project that interrogates notions of border control and immigration.

At a time when immigrants are vilified and nationalistic biases increasingly divide developed nations, we begin to consider how this situation is impacting immigrant populations and communities mostly during a pandemic. The Republic of Unknown Territory asks us to consider the global migration of people and questions the state of society without the contributions of immigrant populations. Please join us in this collaboration.