Mural Artist Opportunity: Alleyway Theatre

Alleyway Theatre is looking for someone to paint a large scale mural inside of the theatre! Details below:

“This mural is to be created on the large 20’ x 60’ plaster wall in our grand lobby. In front of it will be a ticketing and concession counter, possibly with shelving and/or digital screens mounted on the wall. There is some protruding ductwork on the wall, and the surface of the wall may be all (or partially) exposed unpainted plaster at the time of the artists’ installation. The installation will be guaranteed no longer than five years. In addition to making the lobby feel like a community space, the mural will serve as a recognizable instagrammable location and create a space where all are welcome in this building where history and future collide.

A commission of $6,000 will be awarded to the chosen artist to create and install their work. This amount must include artist fee, labor, materials, and installation. Some scaffolding is available.”

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