Fixit Bike Repair Stations now installed on Main Street

With the rise in bicycling over the last few years, Buffalo Place is helping support cyclists working in or passing through Downtown. Three Fixit bike repair stations have been installed on Main Street. These stations include tools necessary to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, such as changing a flat tire or adjusting brakes.

Stations are located at Main and South Division (between the Pulaski Monument and the Ellicott Square Building), Lafayette Square (near Main and Clinton Street, in front of the Brisbane Building), and at 671 Main Street (near Hostel Buffalo Niagara). Bike air pumps were also installed at each of the 3 stations, with an additional stand alone air pump at Fountain Plaza (in front of the Bank of America Building). These pumps will allow cyclists to keep their tires full and ready to ride. Funding for these was provided as part of the streetscape portion of the Buffalo Place New York Main Street grant, provided by New York State Department of Homes and Community Renewal.