The Gronkowski’s Open NexGen Fitness at Fountain Plaza

The Gronkowski brothers and Gronk Nation have partnered with NexGen Fitness to bring NexGen’s unique approach to private personal training to Downtown Buffalo.

NexGen Fitness is not a gym, but rather an elite personal training studio offering clients true one-on-one training in a private suite, under the supervision and guidance of our expert personal trainers. NexGen Fitness is a revolutionary concept in the fitness and personal training industry, and we are excited to be serving the residents of Buffalo with a concept that is sweeping the nation.

You will never find a cookie cutter, one size fits all program at NexGen Fitness. The trainers at NexGen Fitness specialize in creating custom personal training programs for their clients. NexGen expert trainers have years of experience training clients with every imaginable goal. They offer individualized weight training, nutrition, and cardio programs for each client. Your personal training program is designed for your specific goals and any limitations or injuries you may have.

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