Oxford Pennant x America

A message from our friends at Oxford Pennant:

“Call us biased, but we think that the best way to celebrate America’s 245th birthday is to buy American-made (or to fall asleep in inflatable tube on a lake with a Genny in-hand, but that’s an us thing). That’s why we’ve partnered with Orlando’s newest all-American-made shop, The Fifty by Freehand Goods, to release a new batch of freedom-lovin’ camp flags!

Designed by Florida illustrator Veronica Steiner, the collection is our way of supporting our buds as they outfit an entire store in US-made goods. Trust us, that ain’t easy. 

If you’re passing through Orlando, make sure to show them some love — and if you’re not in Florida, your US dollar is always welcome atoxfordpennant.com.

Follow The Fifty here.”