NFTA Metro Update: July 13, 2021

Metro Rail Update:

– Construction this weekend, July 17th – 18th and the weekend of July 24th – 25th will close the Canalside Metro Rail station. Catenary wiring is being adjusted and Metro Rail power will be shut down south of Seneca Street.

– Metro Rail will remain open and will operate with single tracking due to ongoing trackbed and rail construction. Riders from underground will exit Metro Rail at Fountain Plaza, where they can transfer to a rail-shuttle running from Fountain Plaza to Seneca Street.  A bus shuttle is not being offered between the Seneca and Canalside stations because the two block walk is faster than a shuttle bus could be.

– Metro Rail will continue single tracking from now until October 12th, while the Canalside rail and trackbed are under construction. The rail crossover south of the Thruway bridge has been removed and is being replaced in the DL&W Yard and Shop. In the meantime, NFTA will maintain service by running a rail shuttle between Fountain Plaza and Canalside (except for the weekends described above) with transfers at Fountain Plaza to the underground stations. Signage at Fountain Plaza and on-board announcements will inform riders about the transfer.