Mayor Byron W. Brown Announces The Buy Black Buffalo Lunch Crawl And Happy Hour

This morning outside the Brothers Restaurant, located at 475 Ellicott Street, Mayor Byron W. Brown issued an invitation to City residents and visitors to take part in the upcoming Buy Black Buffalo Lunch Crawl and Happy Hour, a lunchtime event that encourages diners to check out some fantastic Black-owned restaurants in the Downtown area, while also building year-round support for Black-owned restaurants across Buffalo.

Ike & BG’s, The Flaming Fish, Brothers Restaurant, The Rose Bar and Grill, and Buffalo Soul restaurants will participate in the upcoming event scheduled for Thursday, October 28th. Between the hours of 11am and 3pm on October 28th. Ike & BG’s, The Flaming Fish and Brothers will offer ‘specials’ as part of the lunch crawl.

From 5pm to 7pm, The Rose Bar and Grill and Buffalo Soul will offer ‘specials’ as part of the happy hour. Mayor Brown stated, “As part of my continued commitment to the economic growth and well-being of our local Black and Brown businesses, I encourage City residents and visitors to take part in the upcoming Buy Black Buffalo Lunch Crawl and Happy Hour. Downtown’s Black-owned restaurants offer a lot of culinary diversity, from soul food to vegan to traditional African to classic American cuisine. Please check them out, not only on October 28th, but throughout the year as we continue to build year-round support for Blackowned restaurants and businesses in Buffalo.”

Within the last three years, the number of black-owned restaurants in Downtown Buffalo has increased. Soul food eateries, in particular, have brought African American cuisine to the Downtown area with hopes of reaching a more extensive and diverse crowd. Last month, the takeout restaurant, Brothers, moved from Hertel Avenue to 475 Ellicott Street, just a few streets over from Buffalo Soul, which opened at 454 Pearl Street back in 2019. Other restaurants have added to their business by expanding into Downtown. Restaurants like The Flaming Fish grew from a food truck and added a brick-and-mortar location on Main Street. Last week, Ike and BG’s Restaurant opened their second location at 56 Niagara Street.

Shatorah Donovan, City of Buffalo Chief Diversity Officer said, “Buffalo is known for its culturally rich neighborhoods. The expansion of historically Black restaurants out of the neighborhood and into the Downtown district brings even more vibrancy and energy to our City. Buy Black Buffalo supports culturally diverse business owners and entrepreneurs looking to tap into mainstream markets. We are proud to support these Downtown restaurants and we hope everyone gets the chance to enjoy their delicious offerings.”

The Buy Black Buffalo Lunch Crawl will expose people who live and work Downtown to different black-owned dining options within a two-mile radius. After work, residents and Downtown workers can enjoy happy hour at The Rose Bar and Grill, located at 199 Scott Street. The Rose Bar and Grill opens at 4:30 p.m. Each restaurant will have its own specials for the Buy Black Buffalo Lunch Crawl and Happy Hour.

“Having a business Downtown is great. My brother and I consider ourselves blessed to have a restaurant Downtown while the city is rebuilding and more businesses are opening. Brothers Restaurant offers casual dining and meals that are prepared with love as if it were prepared for family. We now serve breakfast from 8:00 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. We are open 6 days a week.” said co-owner of Brothers Restaurant, Ramone Anderson.

“We have many fond memories from our youth of Downtown Buffalo. From the shoppers huddled around the windows of the old AM&A’s to see the enchanting Christmas displays, to shopping at The Main Place Mall after getting out of school with friends. We’re really excited and proud to be a part of the rebirth of Downtown Buffalo.” said co-owner of The Flaming Fish, Deanna Johnson.

At The Rose, customer satisfaction is the best satisfaction The Rose Bar and Grill Owner Lisa Roosevelt stated, “The Rose is a friendly place in Downtown Buffalo where you can find great food and great drinks. We strive to maintain an atmosphere that is warm and inviting. We take pride in ensuring each customers feels like they are the most important person in the place.” “Ike and BG’s Restaurant is happy to open a second location in Downtown Buffalo. We have been serving Western NY barbecue and soul food since 1998. Soul food is part of our culture and we are delighted to share that with Downtown residents and workers. Buffalo is evolving and so is our business. We invite everyone to celebrate that growth by ordering from our delicious Downtown menu”, said Ike and BG’s Restaurant owner, Steven Butler.

“A major part of a vibrant Downtown center is the diversity of offerings and restaurants that residents, employees and visitors can enjoy. These restaurants not only enhance the fabric of Downtown, but they reflect the diversity of the Buffalo community. Buffalo Urban Development Corporation is proud to be a partner on this incredible initiative,” said Brandye Merriweather, President of the Buffalo Urban Development Corporation.

To learn more about the Buy Black Buffalo Lunch Crawl and Happy Hour, you can find a list of addresses at

Buy Black Buffalo was established in December 2020 as part of a citywide shopping movement called Buy Black Buffalo Week, which aimed to support Black-owned businesses, especially ones that suffered economic challenges due to the COVID-19 global health pandemic. Following Buy Black Buffalo Week, organizers and participants determined that continued support was necessary. Buy Black Buffalo aims to serve the local  community by providing small business resources, education, and assistance to Black business owners and Buffalo workers. For more information about Buy Black Buffalo, visit