Metro Rail Single Tracking & Driving Detours: December 12th

Expect Metro Rail single tracking, driving detours and closure of the Canalside Metro Rail station this Sunday, December 12th. Upcoming work to complete the Metro Rail Catenary system for NFTA’s DL&W project is scheduled.

NFTA will run a shuttle train from Seneca Station to Fountain Plaza on the east (outbound) side of Main Street. Parking and driving lanes between Mohawk and Huron will be open only on the west side of Main, enter from Huron Street. Metro Rail train/shuttle transfers will be at Fountain Plaza between Chippewa and Huron Streets; no parking or driving on this block.  Metro Rail will use the west (inbound) side of Main Street in the 600 Block between Tupper and Chippewa.  Driving and parking will be on the east side only, enter from Chippewa Street. The Canalside Metro Rail Station will be powered down for worker safety. Canalside patrons are directed to the Seneca Station, a short walk down Main Street.