A Soil Story: A Photographic Atlas of Our Natural Resource by Ruby Merritt

CEPA Gallery is featuring A Soil Story: A Photographic Atlas of Our Natural Resource by Ruby Merritt. This exhibit will be featured from August 6th through October 7th with it’s opening reception Saturday, August 6th at 5pm. Investigating the relationships between soil and the climate with an immersive spectacle of the microscopic world. Merritt is the selected recipient of the Global Warming Art Project from Ben Perrone and the Environment Maze project donors.

Facilitated by Arts Services, of Buffalo, NY. The exhibition reveals the world of art and science with an emphasis on environmental awareness for fertile soils alongside exhibited art inspired by what’s underneath ground. Come and explore a visual renewal of the soil’s relationship with the climate. See hand-altered photographic collages of soil and lush under-earth ecosystems. Revealing the world of the invisible but at a scale that engulfs you. Merritt’s trademark laboratory-like installations that abound with natural history sensations have been cultivated to explore and encourage art as a tool for science education.

Merritt’s exhibition emphasizes and explains soil’s relationship with climate change and offers ways to engage the local community with urban farms and encourages composting at home to help rebuild the green around neighborhoods and backyards.

Professionally developed art lessons and workshops will be carried out by Merritt, allowing participants to take home what they make while learning about an often forgotten natural resource. Projects are suitable for all ages and include cyanotypes with natural objects, veggie mono-printing gift cards, cameras made from recycled seed paper, stitch and stick photo albums, and interactive outdoor collaborations at Silo City. For more information, click here.