Ms. Pat at Helium Comedy Club

Friday, January 13th and Saturday, January 14th Helium Comedy Club is featuring Ms. Pat. Declared by The Washington Post as ‘unforgiving and darkly hilarious,’ and The New York Times as ‘brutally honest and outrageous,’ Patricia Williams (aka Ms. Pat) is a comedian, author, podcaster, and actress. She brings a raw, in your face, hilarious perspective to her work. Ms. Pat has an incredible and moving story: by the age of 15, and known by her street name Rabbit, Pat was a single mother of two, selling crack in the inner city of Atlanta. At 19 years of age, with two toddlers and a new husband, she was handed 4 more young children from her sister who was struggling with drug addiction. With her husband’s help and encouragement, she finally decided to get on the straight and narrow path. Per the encouragement of her case-worker, she decided to go on stage and appeared in her first open mic.

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