Buffalo Quickies #32

Thursday, March 9th through Sunday, March 19th Alleyway Theatre hosts Buffalo Quickies #32. This annual festival is getting flipped on it’s head in a reimagined production. Local playwrights, directors, and performers will have just one week to write, rehearse, design, and perform totally original new short plays all centered on a single topic. You won’t want to miss the 32nd installment of one of Alleyway’s hallmark traditions. For more information, click here.

This year Alleyway commissioned the plays to be written in just one week, and prompted all six writers with the same topic: climate change/global warming. “We love an adventure here at the Alleyway,” says artistic director Chris J Handley. “Writing a short play in just seven days and rehearsing it in another seven is a challenge, but it gets to the heart of what our annual Quickies can be. Limitations can force some of the best art to be made—and everyone in this group rose to the challenge. And because it all had to be done so quickly, the plays themselves are very fresh and timely in responding to the topic.”

The 2023 lineup includes The Last Bee by Chris Woodworth, Breathe by Thomas Hughes Bellavigna, Three Degrees by Shawn Adiletta, On Rooftops and Rowboats by Bella Poynton, The End by Rosa Fernandez, and The Trick is to Spill Your Guts Faster than the Snow Falls by Justin Karcher.