Give Transit a Try & Celebrate Clean Air Month!

Go Buffalo Niagara’s Give Transit a Try has returned for the month of May! If you’re sick of dealing with traffic, bad drivers, parking, and paying for gas, or maybe just want to reduce your carbon footprint, now is the best time to try public transit. Celebrate Clean Air Month by giving transit a try!

Getting started is easy – click here to register for $40 off one 30-day NFTA Metro Bus and Rail pass, with unlimited rides for a whole month.

While the “Give Transit a Try!” program is a great avenue for your first introduction (or reintroduction) to public transit, the program is open to everyone, even if you’re already a regular rider! Registration is open between now and May 31st. After you registering you’ll receive a text within 24 business hours (M-F) with a link to purchase your pass through Token Transit. Your pass is a 30-day pass. It is not specific to any month. You can store your pass without activating it for as long as you like, but the 30-days start counting down as soon as you activate the pass. Only one discounted pass is allowed per registrant.