NFTA Metro Rail Trackbed & Rail Replacement Project

The NFTA Metro Rail trackbed and rail replacement project will begin this Thursday, July 13th, 7a.m. with limited excavation of six new catenary pole foundations. Concrete will be removed at the site of each new pole on Thursday and on Friday, July 14th. Four pole locations are between Mohawk Street and Lafayette Square, and two are between Lafayette Square and the bridge over Main Street connecting the former AM&A’s and Main Place Mall. Metro Rail will single track on the east (outbound) side of Main Street on Thursday and Friday, allowing construction crews to work from the west, inbound side of the trackbed.

Catenary pole foundations will be excavated over the next three weekends, Saturday and Sunday, July 15-16, July 22- 23, and July 29-30, utilizing hydro-excavation and a drill rig. Overnight work is not expected to be necessary. The catenary pole foundations to be prepared this weekend will be near Lafayette Square.

Metro Rail service on the surface section will need to be shut down during the weekend excavation work over the next three weekends. NFTA will use shuttle buses from the Allen/Medical Center Metro Rail station to maintain service, see details at NFTA’s contractor is Oakgrove Construction, Inc.

Project Background/Future Work Expected:

  • NFTA will rebuild the Metro Rail trackbed and replace rail between Mohawk and Church Streets over the next two years.
  • The Mohawk to the bridge over Main Street (near Eagle Street) section will be built in 2023
  • The Church to the bridge over Main Street (near Eagle Street) section will be built next year, 2024.
  • Active construction will start the first week of August with saw cutting and demolition of the trackbed pavement.
  • Construction will generally be limited to between the trackbed curbs.
  • Mid-block travel across the street will be restricted, but sidewalks and building entries will remain open for pedestrian access to buildings and storefronts.

The City will be designing the sidewalk zone for future Cars Sharing Main Street conversion in the Mohawk to Church section, as well as the Church to Exchange Street blocks. Design work is expected to start this fall.